Hammerella: Thundersmoke tells the story of Hammerella, a being descended from gods and witches, who has been alone on a distant planet since infancy where she has struggled to find her way in a harsh world full of deadly animals. Even finding a mentor as powerful as Umbra can’t keep her safe in a jungle full of Cinder Bears, Ember Hawks, and Razor Wolves. When a chance encounter with a crashed spacecraft helps her escape the planet, being free from the Garden of Umbra allows her to follow her most heartfelt wish of finding her parents. After years of solitude, making friends and working as a team does not come easily but she is able to learn the value of accepting kindness and offering kindness in return.

Trading Cards!

As requested by YOU, the fans, we're releasing our first ever set of trading cards with additional lore and stats for each character. Cards will be sent to everyone who orders any physical product through Indiegogo.

UNLOCKED: Hammerella trading card
At 100 backers, we'll release Commander Rayo and release artwork for the next card.
At 150 backers, a new card will be added and the artwork for the next card will be released.
At 200 backers, a new card will be added.

$10k Achievement

When the campaign reaches $10,000 we'll add a FREE print to every physical order.

Original art by Ryan Winn with the 'classic' Hammerella image.

$13k Achievement

When we reach $13,000 we'll add a short story about Baby Hammerella!

$15k Achievement

If we can reach $15,000 we will add EIGHT more pages to the Hammerella story! 

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Concept Art

Crowd funding now!

I'm super excited to announce that the art team for Gods and Gears is coming together again to offer this exciting story told over 48 pages. To help us dedicate the time and resources to do this quickly, we've created a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo

Gods and Gears

“It's crazy, wild, fun, and I loved every moment of it, the art is great, the colors are good. Just good clean comic fun. 5 stars.”— B_JOSHM27
“Just a lot of ol fashion comic book fun. Even presented on news print.” — Rift
“This is the kind of stuff that will make a kid want to read a comic... Look at the color pallet they use for this book. It's insane, in a good way.” — JAM Creates
"A pure joy to read and a great study in limited (page count) story telling" — @monty_run 

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